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District-by-district perspectives on what we build in New York City

District 2 – East Village, Lower East Side, Rose Hill


Aug 13, 2020 ,

Image: St George’s Episcopal Church

Live in this district? Share your story of a place that means a lot to you in your neighborhood, and what you would like to see in the future.

Perspectives so far:

A place that means a lot to me: During this pandemic my go-to comfort zone has been Stuyvesant Square, where I can read and watch the changing of the seasons through its plantings.

Not as elegant as Gramercy Park, it offers refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life as well as a bit of history: this was Peter Stuyvesant’s farm, and St. George’s Episcopal Church was J.P. Morgan’s house of worship. Every night at 7 its bells would ring to support the healthcare workers.

What concerns me: Too many glass condos that spoil the skyline and are out of proportion to the local neighborhood.

What I would like to see 5 years from now: Would love to see more local shops and restaurants on 2nd Avenue btw 34 and 23. A definite dead zone. Also stop monstrous condo construction.

Peter Stuyvesant Statue


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