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District-by-district perspectives on what we build in New York City

District 35 – Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant


Nov 12, 2020
Brooklyn Museum

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A place that means a lot to me:

The Brooklyn Museum means a lot to me. I used to go with my family every first Saturday of the month. This was always a great experience for me and a fun time, between the food, the live music and family oriented vibes.

What concerns me:

My neighborhood is actually developing very well! It is a bit gentrified now, but that isn’t the worst thing that could happen in any neighborhood. There are however, many new properties and high rise apartment buildings being built: I do fear soon people won’t be able to afford the area if they do not already own property to live.

What I would like to see five years from now:

Five years from now if I imagined my neighborhood Crown Heights, I would like to see renovations to public places and cleaner train stations. I do feel like the improvement has been tremendous with both of these things, I just hope they continually improve.


Share your story of a place that means a lot to you in your neighborhood, and what you would like to see in the future.


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